Member Reviews

Larry R

October 2015
Above and beyond anything expected. I needed veneers for my teeth that were getting worn out with age. GDS Network actually secured our mexican vacation, set us up with a local dentist recommendation service and with the money we saved, I …

Pedro M

February 2016
We been going on trips with GDS Network for over 6 years. We pick the trip, send them the money and they take care of everything. Best money ever spent.

Zachary V

January 2014
We have worked with many different travel providers over the years and not one other organization has provided this level of service. We love GDS.

Jim P

October 2015
Most romantic thing ever! Through GDS Network we had booked a helicopter that took us from our cruise ship to a private glacier where we enjoyed a champagne picnic. Great recommendation!

Lisa L

March 2016
our ultimate excursion trip for 6 people was for 24 days. We had a great time on our Safari. We had a marvelous guide that showed us so much wildlife and the different geography that Africa has to offer.

Wendy H

July 2014
We loved our entire trip to Athens and Crete.

Kylie N

June 2016
We were very scared that our last second honeymoon plans would screw everything up. GDS Network came through in a pinch and recommended Maui as our trip and boy were they right. They set everything up and let us concentrate on …

The Parker Family

December 2014
We had never been on a cruise before so we didn’t know what to expect. I can say that the Epic was amazing, amazing amzing! There was so much to do for our entire family. The Blue Man Group and …

Nina G

January 2016
The level of service at GDS was spot on and all this for only $199 a year. My family and I use it weekly. We wish you had a multiple year renewal rate.